Parr Law Group provides confidential, objective and professional advice on California probate matters. Probate is the legal process supervised by the Courts for gathering assets, paying taxes, debts and administrative expenses and distributing the remaining assets to heirs or beneficiaries after a person’s death.

Even under normal circumstances, California’s complicated probate process can at times be overwhelming for those involved. We help our clients navigate quickly and efficiently through the complex procedural and administrative requirements set forth by California law.

Many of our clients live out-of-state but are responsible for relatives who live in California. At Parr Law Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle long distance probate matters in a highly qualified and expeditious manner. The vast majority of our out-of-state clients can successfully complete the probate process through mail, email and FedEx. This eliminates the need for unnecessary travel to California for the resolution of probate matters.

Since probate fees are statutory, we do not receive payment until the probate is completely finished, and usually our fee comes directly out of the estate. If you need a probate attorney, please call us today at for a no-cost consultation or email us HERE