Practice Areas

Corporate & Business Law

Parr Law Group is a true business partner when it comes to our corporate clients. We believe business lawyers should solve problems, not merely identify them. We help our clients develop negotiation, transactional and organizational strategies to further their business objectives. [more]

Real Estate Law

Many of our litigation matters involve traditional “real estate” law disputes, such as cases arising from sale and leasing transactions, financing, and real property development. In other instances, we handle general business and legal disputes for clients involved in real estate, where we bring our specialized knowledge about the practices of the real estate industry. [more]

Civil Litigation

The Law Offices of Shawn R. Parr, P.C. is a business-oriented firm and we work to meet the business needs of our clients, rather than pursuing academic legal principles or litigating for the sake of litigation. Our focus is on cost-effective approaches, both in minimizing expense and in obtaining outcomes that are effective and workable from a business and financial standpoint. These approaches include alternative dispute resolution, aggressive pursuit of insurance coverage, and the exploration of early settlement strategies. [more]

Living Trust – Probate – Estate Planning

The average person has little experience dealing with trusts and often has many questions about establishing a trust or upon becoming a trustee for the first time. Through our experience in helping people administer trusts, we find people have a variety of expectations concerning the way living trusts operate following a death. Most people know that one of the greatest benefits of having a living trust is that in many cases it can drastically reduces the costs and delays involved in passing on assets at death. [more]



Bankruptcy is a federal court process designed to help consumers and businesses eliminate their debts or repay then under the protection of the bankruptcy court. To begin, Parr Law Group will assess your needs, your goals, and what you can afford to lose or keep.  Declaring bankruptcy is largely determined by the results of a Means Test.  Then we will determine what Chapter in bankruptcy is right for you, and what your dischargeable debt are, some debts are not cleared by bankruptcy which are court fines, HECS debts, child support payments, debts incurred by fraud, and student loans. [more]